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“Boutique” real estate agency. While the term may be relatively new, the concept is time-honored. Smaller and more focused on the individual buyer or seller, boutique real estate firms are able to offer clients more attentive, personalized service than they’re likely to receive from a traditional “big box” brokerage.

Nickolas Dalba Real Estate takes pride in offering the highest possible level of service to its clientele. What distinguishes this boutique agency from others, however, is the scope of its services. “We have the ability to identify the needs of prospective buyers and sellers, then put all of the pieces together,” explains owner/principal Nickolas A. Dalba, Jr., CRS.

In fact, Nick Dalba is uniquely qualified to offer what he describes as “all things residential real estate.” He’s spent virtually his entire career in the local industry. A licensed Missouri Realtor since 1998, he capitalizes on more than a quarter-century of executive/managerial experience in new-home construction, sales, marketing, operations, land acquisition and development, and financing.

Drawing on his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Nickolas Dalba Real Estate assures clients of superior representation and optimum value for investment.

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Geographic Area

Thoroughly familiar with the region’s most desirable residential areas, Nickolas Dalba Real Estate focuses primarily on properties located west of Interstate 170, with an emphasis on the I-64/40 corridor and St. Charles County.


Building a relationship with our clients is fundamental – earning your trust and developing a clear understanding of your lifestyle, your requirements, your hopes and expectations. As you would expect from any professional Realtor, we…

  • Accurately assess the value of all properties under consideration

  • Identify and preview properties that conform to your guidelines as a purchaser

  • Formulate an effective marketing program for a property you are selling

  • Negotiate the transaction on your behalf

  • Keep you fully informed and assist you throughout the process.

The Dalba Difference

Beyond these basic functions, however, Nickolas Dalba Real Estate also offers a variety of optional “concierge” services that you’re not likely to find elsewhere. Here a just a few examples:

§ You’re selling your home and want to enhance its desirability. We have the design resources to stage your home, showing it to its best advantage.

§ Before putting your home on the market, you’d like to update certain spaces. We have the resources to remodel those areas with skill and fine craftsmanship.

§ You’ve found the right home at the right price, but it needs some work. Our construction resources are yours for the asking.

§ The home you’ve purchased is perfect, and you’re ready to make it your own. Call on us for interior design assistance.

§ You’re looking for an open homesite, but need expert advice on construction feasibility. We have the experience to quantify the best use for the property and help you make an informed decision.

§ You’ve purchased the site and are ready to build your dream home. Again, our construction and interior design resources are available to you.

And depending on the concierge services you select, we’ll customize a fee structure that works for you.

Whether buying or selling, you can depend on Nickolas Dalba Real Estate to make the transaction easy and enjoyable. We’re your single source for “all things residential real estate.”

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